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The NexGen Community Leadership Program is a flagship program of COMPSUDEV (Community Participation in Sustainable Development) Cameroon, a youth-led community based organization with a mission to contribute to the growth, use and security of the Internet. To bridge the digital divide to ensure equal access to information and knowledge, as well as foster innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship by encouraging digital literacy and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) for girls and the use of Digital tools to solve local community problems (SDG 9).

The NexGen Community Leadership Program empowers youths to take action and bring their communities closer together. This work comes with unique challenges and requires a blend of vision, care, dedication and empathy. But finding the resources and having the leadership skills to increase impact is a constant challenge for community leaders, and we want to address that need.

We started the NexGen Community Leadership Program to address the needs identified by community leaders. This global aiming initiative will equip participants with the support, tools, skills and the belief in themselves that they need to best lead their communities.

Through the NexGen Community Leadership Program, we hope to elevate the role of community leaders as a critical piece in building diverse, supportive societies that bring people closer together, despite their differences. Participants in our program achieve success through collaborative and purpose-driven approaches. We are providing these leaders with the knowledge, skills, tools and support to activate their communities in new and innovative ways to promote positive and lasting impact.

The NexGen Community Leadership Program is designed as a collaborative program to address this gap by building the capacity of youth aged 16-35 to be Community Leaders. The program establishes opportunities for youth participants to learn and apply their skills through mentorship by experts in social entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

The 2 months program that includes 1 month of volunteering (in partner organizations) is one of its kind as mentorship is one-on-one, which ignores generalities and focuses on each mentee with specific to self-discovery and skills development.

The objective of this program is to;

  • Build the capacity of youth to be Community Leaders through dialogue, hands-on learning and volunteering;
  • Provide an opportunity for stewardship groups and other organizations to engage with and support youth in a meaningful and sustainable way;
  • Establish a network of youth Community leaders to address local issues in their community; and
  • Develop a framework for effective and meaningful youth engagement with input from program partners and youth participants.
The main beneficiaries if this program includes: Human rights defenders, Human rights organizations, Local and indigenous communities, Communities-based organizations, Faith-based organizations, People living with HIV, People living with disability, Women and youths groups and networks, Traditional rulers and faith leaders, Trade unions, Small farmers and pastoralists cooperatives
Tech-tivity challenge empowers youths to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers. The program quips youths (ages 15-25) to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. With the support of volunteer mentors, youths work in teams to code web/mobile apps that address real-world problems.
We work to uphold data rights and help make the internet safer and more assessable We recognize that the digital sphere is quickly emerging as one of the key spaces in which human rights are under threat. COMPSUDEV Cameroon works towards the promotion and protection of online freedom of expression and online privacy.