Tech-tivity challenge

Tech-tivity challenge

Tech-tivity challenge empowers youths to become leaders, creators and problem-solvers. The program quips youths (ages 15-25) to become tech entrepreneurs and leaders. With the support of volunteer mentors, youths work in teams to code web/mobile apps that address real-world problems.

Our training model

Our programs use a three-part model that helps youths develop greater self-efficacy and change their attitudes towards STEM.


  1. Identify real-world problems: Participants find a problem in their community and develop a solution to it, which helps bring technology to life in an immediate, tangible way.


  1. Build a team: Participants work in teams – whether it’s a same age team or same class, or school, Tech-tivity participants work together in small teams to brainstorm, share the workload, and cheer each other on. When everyone’s contributing, everyone is also building a long-term community of learning.


  1. Get the Community Involved: We dedicate time to building trust with the local community leaders who bring Tech-tivity to their community, organizations, or towns. Tech-tivity programs are designed to be flexible, so they can align with diverse community needs and goals and plug in to existing support networks.