Digital Rights

Digital Rights

We work to uphold data rights and help make the internet safer and more assessable

We recognize that the digital sphere is quickly emerging as one of the key spaces in which human rights are under threat.

COMPSUDEV Cameroon works towards the promotion and protection of online freedom of expression and online privacy.

To ensure local communities and local journalists are not subject to governments’ attempts to control the digital world, resulting in silencing human rights defenders, censorship, and privacy concerns, we commit to hold stakeholders accountable and adhere to national policies and international human rights Laws. Similarly, we lobby the ICT sector to uphold digital rights and advocate for an open internet. We carryout internet data measurements and foster a participatory approach to internet governance.

Our digital rights strategy aims to uphold online freedom and privacy through raising awareness and educative programs on rights and responsibilities of users. We acknowledge that “digital rights are human rights” and recognize that all human rights and international human rights mechanisms are also applicable in the digital realm.  With recent up rise in censorship and restrictions, there is an increasing risks to digital rights for netizens, particularly civil society, local communities and front line defenders

Our strategy on Digital Rights has two objectives:

  1. Upholding Digital Rights, Online Freedom and Data Privacy by advocating for national legal frameworks and Stakeholders activities to comply with international human rights standards
    2. Enhancing Digital Literacy by raising awareness and building capacity of Netizens in Cameroon to navigate the digital world safely.